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The Treanors: our family history

Our Treanors come from a Protestant Irish family living in Mayo and Galway.  Many emigrated to the USA, and across the British Empire.

They married into the Seymour, Berry, Lambert, Kidd, Magill, Sproule, Bourkes, Robinson and Kerans families amongst others.

The Treanors - preview

184 pages hardback T01

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The Nash Story

The Nash family originates with metal workers from Birmingham and before that were blacksmiths in Gloucestershire. 

The Wagstaffs were farriers and publicans from the West End of London, and the Bloys were from the borders of Essex and Suffolk.

Nash Story - preview

384 pages hardback N02

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Kerans Family History

The Kerans were tenant farmers and doctors from Kings County in Ireland, who spread across the globe, and include many that had distinguished careers, and lived remarkably interesting lives.

Kerans Family History preview

404 pages hardback K03

ISBN: 978-0-9575748-1-6

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History of the Delany & Johnston Families

James Delany married the youngest daughter of Lyons Kerans and his wife Sarah Clarke.  They have descendants who still work the farm in Offaly where Sarah ended her days. Others emigrated, mostly to the USA.

James' son Robert married into the Johnston family many of whom remained in Ireland after the formation of the Republic in the 1920s.

Delany Johnston Families

64 pages hardcover D04

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Chunky's War

Lt Col Henry Ernest Nash won many trophies as a horseman in the XXth Hussars before the First World War.  He fought throughout the four years of that war, beginning it on horseback as a sergeant, and ending it as a captain in the East Lancashires. This book traces his war time experiences.  By the end of WW2 he was in charge of all Prisoner of War camps in Southern England.

World War I biography

74 pages hardback C05

ISBN: 978-0-9575748-3-0

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The Baird Story

The Bairds were skilled tradesmen from southern Scotland.  The Johnstons were merchants and lawyers from Dundee.  The Cochranes were carpenters from south west Scotland. The Mullocks were a prominent family from Newport in Wales. The Stricklands were a farming family from Cambridgeshire. They all emigrated to Australia in the 19th Century.

Baird family history

192 pages hardback B06

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Brian's Ancestry

The Stevenson family were accountants and doctors from Dublin. The Wheelers were landowners and bankers.  The Cuolahans were an ancient family who can trace their origins through the History and the Annals of the Four Masters in Ireland.

Brian's ancestry

60 pages hardback B07

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WOW: A Celebration of Laurieston Hall 

A collection of words and pictures by the many people who have lived at Laurieston Hall, celebrating the spirit that has carried us through from commune to co-op and some of its members from youth to old age.  It is a scrapbook of memories to wallow in for anyone who has ever been down that beech drive and then maybe wondered "could I ever live here?"  Beautifully designed by Tiffy George.

WOW Laurieston Hall

190 pages hardback L08

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